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Mon. Aug. 25, 2014 M.Sc. Defense Lecture

James Goacher, Peat as an Archive of Remote Mercury Deposition in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Ontario, Canada

9:00 AM, BGS 1056
Mon. Aug. 25, 2014 Accelerated M.Sc. Poster Session

Come see what our Accelerated M.Sc. students have been researching in 2014!

1:00 PM, Materials Science Atrium
Thu. Sep. 4, 2014 Ph.D. Defense Lecture

Ryan Hladyniuk, The Late Quaternary Paleolimnology of Lake Ontario

1:30 PM, BGS 1084
Mon. Sep. 15, 2014 Ph.D. Defense Lecture

Attieh Eshaghi, Magnitude Estimation for Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning Systems

1:30 PM, BGS 1084
Mon. Sep. 15, 2014 M.Sc. Defense Lecture

Maurice Nguyen, Glacial Stratigraphy of the Ridge River Area, Northern Ontario: Refining Wisconsinan Glacial History and Evidence for Laurentide Ice Streaming

2:30 PM, BGS 1069
Thu. Oct. 16, 2014 Ph.D. Defense Lecture

Azadeh Fereidoni, Seismicity Processes in the Charlevoix Seismic Zone, Eastern Canada

1:30 PM, BGS 1084

Past Events 2013-14


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Fri. Sep. 13, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Ed Cloutis, University of Winnipeg. Investigating the nature of the building blocks of the solar system – the OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Fri. Sep. 20, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Pamela Clark, Catholic University of America at NASA/GSFC. From Apollo to LunarCubes:  Establishing a Baseline and Creating Opportunities for Future Science-Driven Remote Exploration 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Tue. Sep. 24, 2013 Ph.D. Defense Lecture Samira Alipour, Application of Differential and Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Interferometry for Studying Natural Hazards 1:30 PM, BGS 1084
Wed. Sep. 25, 2013 Guest Speaker Francois Charbonneau, RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) and its new capacities 10:00 AM, BGS 1053
Wed. Sep. 25, 2013 Ph.D. Defense Lecture Alexandra Pontefract, Impact Craters as Habitats for Life: Endolithic Colonization of Shocked Gneisses from the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Canada 1:00 PM, BGS 1084
Thu. Sep. 26, 2013 Panel Discussion Finance Law Panel, Sustainable Mining: A Role for Securities Law? 12:30 PM, Moot Court Room, Faculty of Law
Fri. Sep. 27, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Wendy Calvin, Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering. The Martian Polar Regions: New Views from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Tue. Oct. 1, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Catherine Johnson, University of British Columbia. Tales of the Invisible Cloak: Mercury's Magnetic Field as a Key Probe of the Innermost Planet 1:30 PM, PAB 100
Fri. Oct. 4, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Graham Wilson, P.Geo, Turnstone Geological Services. Chromite Deposits and the Natural History of Chromium 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Thu. Oct. 10, 2013 Petrolia Pioneers Guest Speaker Boyd Russell, Energy Navigator. Exploration and Development of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources
1:30 PM, PAB 106
Wed. Oct. 16, 2013 Ph.D. Defense Lecture Saeed Chehreh Chelgani, Study on the surface chemistry behavior of pyrochlore during froth flotation
9:00 AM, BGS 1084
Wed. Oct. 16, 2013 M.Sc. Defense Lecture Greg Robinson, Potassium Metasomatism at the Polymetallic NICO Deposit, Northwest Territories, Canada
10:00 AM, BGS 1069
Fri. Oct. 18, 2013 Guest Speaker Simon Donato, Turning a Western Degree into an Adventure: Beyond Roads 12:30 PM, BGS 0153
Fri. Oct. 18, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Shun Karato, Yale University. Water in the Moon: Implications for the Formation of the Moon 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Thu. Oct. 24, 2013 SEG Lecture Tour Willy Williams-Jones, SEG Distinguished Lecturer. Rare earth element ore genesis and The vapour-transport of metals in epithermal systems
5:30 PM, BGS 1053
Fri. Oct. 25, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Lisa Van Loon, Canadian Light Source. Applications of Synchrotron Science to Earth and Environmental Sciences 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Fri. Nov. 1, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Alastair Fraser, AAPG Distinguished Lecturer. In overcoming the technical challenges of oil production in the Arctic, are we making the most of a strategic resource or heading for an environmental and political minefield? 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Wed. Nov. 6, 2013 Howard Street Robinson Lecture Tour Jacob Hanley, GAC Howard Street Robinson Lecturer. The origin and role of volatiles in the formation of magmatic Ni-Cu-platinum-group element deposits: What have we learned from fluid and melt inclusions? 5:00 PM, BGS 1056
Fri. Nov. 8, 2013 Ph.D. Defense Lecture Javad Kazemian, Spatial Heterogeneities in a Simple Earthquake Fault Model 9:00 AM, BGS 1053
Fri. Nov. 8, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Laurie Gaskins Baise, Tufts University. A Geospatial Liquefaction Model for Rapid Response and Loss Estimation 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Fri. Nov. 15, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Desmond Moser, Western University. New Nano- to Atom-scale Records of Planetary Crust and Resource Evolution 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Tue. Nov. 19, 2013 Guest Speaker Jonathan Rubenstein, U.S. Geological Survey. The 2001 – Present Triggered Earthquake Sequence in the Raton Basin of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado 10:30 AM, BGS 1084
Fri. Nov. 22, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Bernd Milkereit, University of Toronto. Seismic Imaging in the Presence of Strong Contrasts – How forgetful are seismic waves? 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Wed. Nov. 27, 2013 Ph.D. Defense Lecture Emad Dehkordi, Thermal Sustainability and Impacts of Vertical Closed-loop Geothermal Heat Pump Systems 9:30 AM, BGS 1084
Fri. Nov. 29, 2013 Earth Sciences Colloquium Mary Louise Hill, Lakehead University. Structural control on mineralization in shear-zone-hosted gold deposits 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Wed. Dec. 4, 2013 KEGS Special Lecture Jean Legault, Geotech Ltd. Integrated Geophysical Exploration for Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo Deposits in the Canadian Cordillera 12:00 PM, BGS 1084
Wed. Dec. 11, 2013 M.Sc. Defense Lecture Aaron Mohammed, Mitigating permafrost degradation due to linear disturbances in sub-arctic peatlands 9:00 AM, BGS 1084
Mon. Dec. 16, 2013 M.Sc. Defense Lecture Peng Jiang, Pore Morphometrics and Thermal Evolution of Organic-Matter Microporosity, Colorado Group, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin 9:00 AM, BGS 1084
Mon. Dec. 16, 2013 Ph.D. Defense Lecture Soushyant KiarasiHigh Pressure-Temperature Electrical Resistivity Experiments On Fe-Si Alloys Bearing on Conductive Heat Flow at the Inner-Outer Core Boundary 1:00 PM, BGS 1084
Mon. Jan. 6, 2014 Ph.D. Defense Lecture Jordan Laarman, Metallogeny of the McFaulds Lake Chromite Deposits, Ring of Fire District, NW Ontario 10:00 AM, BGS 1084
Fri. Jan. 10, 2014 M.Sc. Defense Lecture Eric Buitenhuis, The Latte Gold Zone, Kaminak's Coffee Gold Project, Yukon, Canada: Geology, Geochemistry, and Metallogeny 9:00 AM, BGS 1084
Fri. Jan. 10, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium Earth Sciences 4490E Presentations 3:30 PM, PAB 148
Fri. Jan. 17, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium Gail Atkinson, Burns Cheadle, Robert Shcherbakov, Kristy Tiampo, Western University. The Induced Seismicity Research Program at Western 3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Fri. Jan. 24, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Lindy Elkins-Tanton, Carnegie Institute of Science. Five Great Mysteries from the First 10 Myr of the Solar System

3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Fri. Jan. 31, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Adrian Fiege, University of Michigan. Can kinetic effects explain excess sulfur degassing during volcanic eruption?

3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Thu. Feb. 6, 2014 Petrolia Pioneers Special Lecture

Kirk Osadetz, Carbon Management Canada. The Future of Gas Hydrates as a Fuel

2:30 PM, BGS 1053
Thu. Feb. 6, 2014 SCUGOG Lecture

Herb Helmstaedt, Queen’s University. Canada: The Most Recent Diamond Powerhouse. How Did it Happen and Will it Last?

7:00 PM, MC 105B
Fri. Feb. 7, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Herb Helmstaedt, Queen’s University. Diamonds – a case for Archean ultra-high temperature (UHT) metamorphism

3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Wed. Feb. 12, 2014 CIM Distinguished Lecture

Garth Kirkham, Kirkham Geosystems. NI43-101 Mineral Resource Estimation and CIM Best Practices

5:30 PM, BGS 1053
Thu. Feb. 13, 2014 GAC-Hutchison Lecture

Duane Froese, University of Alberta. Ice Age Beringia: ancient permafrost, the mammoth steppe and longterm environmental change in northwestern North America

1:30 PM, BGS 1053
Fri. Feb. 14, 2014 M.Sc. Defense Lecture

David Edey, Micro-Computed Tomography Empirical Beam Hardening Correction: Methods & Application to Meteorites

9:00 AM, BGS 1084
Fri. Feb. 14, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Marie-Jose Nollet, ETS Montreal. Estimation of building damage for seismic risk study

3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Fri. Feb. 21, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Reading Week - No Colloquium

Thu. Feb. 27, 2014 Ph.D. Defense Lecture

Laura Sanchez, Statistical Analysis and Computer Modeling of Volcanic Eruptions

1:30 PM, BGS 1084
Fri. Feb. 28, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Sabine Stanley, University of Toronto. Planetary Dynamos: The Curious Case of Saturn

3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Fri. Mar. 7, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Mike Lesher, Laurentian University. New Insights into the Genesis of the 1.85 Ga Sudbury Igneous Complex and Associated Ni-Cu-PGE Mineralization

3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Fri. Mar. 14, 2014 M.Sc. Defense Lecture

Mitchell Skuce, Isotopic Fingerprinting of Shallow and Deep Groundwaters in Southwestern Ontario and its Applications to Abandoned Well Remediation

9:00 AM, BGS 1084
Mon. Mar. 17, 2014 M.Sc. Defense Lecture

Tom Ulanowski, Hydrology and Biogeochemistry of a Bog-Fen-Stream Complex in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Ontario, Canada

11:30 AM, BGS 1084
Fri. Mar. 21, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

ES4452Z Participants, Western University. Sultanate of Oman 2014 Field Experience

3:30 PM, BGS 0153
Fri. Mar. 28, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Ranjeet Nagare, WorleyParsons Canada. Opportunities in Geoenvironmental Consulting: Oil Sands Operations and Reclamation

3:00 PM, BGS 1053
Fri. Apr. 4, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Earth Sciences 4490E Final Presentations

9:00 AM, BGS 1053
Mon. Apr. 7, 2014 Ph.D. Defense Lecture

Jim Renaud, The Aricheng Basement-Hosted Albitite-Type Uranium Deposit, Roraima Basin, Co-operative Republic of Guyana, South America

10:00 AM, BGS 1053
Tue. Apr. 15, 2014 M.Sc. Defense Lecture

Laurisha Bynoe, Shear Zone influence on the emplacement of a giant pegmatite: The Whabouchi Lithium Pegmatite, Quebec, Canada

1:00 PM, BGS 0165
Wed. Apr. 16, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Phil Schmidt,, formerly of CSIRO, Australia. Low-latitude glaciation, the Ediacaran and True Polar Wander - A 'Down Under' view

2:30 PM, BGS 0153
Fri. May 30, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Caleb Fassett, Mount Holyoke College. The rate of landform evolution on the Moon and Mars

2:30 PM, BGS 0153
Tue. Jun. 3, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Livio Tornabene, Western University. Impact craters as probes of the geology and history of Mars

3:00 PM, BGS 0153
Wed. Jun. 4, 2014 M.Sc. Defense Lecture

Annemarie Pickersgill, Shock Metamorphic Effects in Lunar and Terrestrial Plagioclase Feldspar Investigated by Optical Petrography and Micro-X-Ray Diffraction

1:30 PM, BGS 1056
Fri. Jun. 6, 2014 Earth Sciences Colloquium

Catherine Neish, Florida Institute of Technology. Radar Love: Observing the Planets with SAR

2:00 PM, BGS 0153
Mon. Jun. 23, 2014 M.Sc. Defense Lecture

Anna Nuhn, Morphologic and Structural Mapping of Layered Central Uplifts on Mars

9:30 AM, BGS 1056
Tue. Aug. 19, 2014 M.Sc. Defense Lecture

Weiyin Chen, The development of L-tectonites in high-strain zone settings: A multiscale modeling investigation

1:00 PM, BGS 1056