Highlights from the 2017 SCUGOG Public Lecture

The 2017 SCUGOG Memorial Lecture was held on March 2, 2017. Dr Dominique Weis, CRC and Director, Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, UBC, spoke on "An Overview of Canadian Volcanoes: Location, Risks and Future Studies".

The SCUGOG Annual Public Lecture is a long-running series that brings a prominent Canadian geoscientist to deliver an accessible presentation for the London community every year. This year's event was especially significant, as it was revealed that the anonymous-until-now donor was our own Dr. C. Gordon Winder. Dr. Winder was a student in the department in the 1940s, and a valued member of the faculty until his death in 2016. He is greatly missed!

Dr. Winder's daughter, Mrs. Nancy Winder Holmes, attended the lecture and made a gracious speech on her father's behalf.

Dr Weis introducing her talk

Dr. Dominique Weis introducing her talk on Canadian volcanoes.

Dr Pratt announcing the SCUGOG sponsor

Department Chair Dr. Gerhard Pratt annoucing Dr. C. Gordon Winder is the SCUGOG donor.

Dr Pratt introducing Mrs Nancy Winder Holmes

Dr. Winder's daughter, Mrs. Nancy Winder Holmes, shares some memories about her father with the audience.

Mrs Holmes with a portrait of her father

Mrs. Nancy Winder Holmes reveals a portrait of her father, SCUGOG donor Dr. C. Gordon Winder.

Dr Pratt and Mrs Holmes chat with speaker and host

SCUGOG speaker Dr. Dominique Weis chats with the Department Chair Dr. Gerhard Pratt, Mrs. Nancy Winder Holmes and Dr. Audrey Bouvier, who hosted Dr Weis's visit.

Post talk reception

SCUGOG speaker Dr. Dominique Weis and members of the audience at a reception following the talk.

Portrait of Dr. C. Gordon Winder

In memorium: Dr. C. Gordon Winder. Thank you for your devoted service to Western's Earth Sciences department, both in life and afterwards.