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Society of Graduate Students (SOGS)

SOGSThe Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) is dedicated to providing the information, assistance, and services necessary to help graduate students successfully complete their goals while at The University of Western Ontario. Any part-time or full-time graduate student is a member of SOGS, which is governed by a council and executive board.

SOGS provides its members with several benefits and services including health and dental coverage, bus passes, financial assistance, and advocacy on behalf of students at the university, local, provincial and national levels.

With financial support from the Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Union, SOGS administers academic programs that promote graduate student research and recognize the contributions graduate students make as teachers. These programs include:

  • GSTA - Graduate Student Teaching Awards
  • Joint Fund for Support of Graduate Research and Scholarship
  • WRF - Western Research Forum
  • WGR - Western Graduate Review

There are also several bursaries and scholarships designed for this purpose as well. The Society of Graduate Students and the Grad Club offer a variety of programs designed to help students financially. Membership fees and Grad Club profits fund these programs.

SOGS also presents graduate students with numerous opportunities to get involved in university governance with several committees and its executive council.

Graduate Teaching Assistants Union

The UWO-GTA Union is composed solely of Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) at The University of Western Ontario. Although the UWO-GTA Union is a Local of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), only GTAs establish the priorities and policies of the Local. Through periodic negotiations with the University, the Union established a Collective Agreement which defines GTA working conditions, compensation, and benefits.

The Union works to ensure that all GTAs are aware of their rights under this agreement, and that the terms of the agreement are honoured by the employer. The Union also provides assistance to individual GTAs in instances where the Collective Agreement is violated, and works with other groups within the University community to promote the concerns of GTAs and to ensure that community concerns are reflected in the Union’s policies and priorities.

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