Interdisciplinary Centre for Research in curriculum as a social practice

Educational Rounds

The purpose of 'Educational Rounds' is to engage with a 'problem of practice' and invite interdisciplinary diaglogue aimed at problem solving or generating research questions to pursue. 

Times and dates will reflect the needs of the community.

Co-ordinator: Dr. Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw 

Suggestions we have received to date are:

Exploring non-traditional school environments
Strategies, Tasks and Practices for Applying the SAMR model in classrooms (Integrating technology into teaching and learning)
Multiliteracies Pedagogies
Role of Culture in Learning
Assessing Global Competencies
21st Century Teaching and Learning
Multicultural and inclusive education
Community-research partnerships
Partnership Development
Literacy Education
Curriculum Writing for Limited Duties Instructors
Community Voices Series: Talking about research and looking for ways to design and refine projects