Department of Classical StudiesWestern Arts and Humanities

Charles Stocking

stockingAssistant Professor of Classics

BA (Stanford), MA (Stanford), PhD (UCLA)

Office: Lawson Hall 3207
Extension: 84521

Special Interests

Archaic and Classical Greek Literature especially Greek Epic; Greek Religion; Ancient Athletics; Gender and the Body in Greece and Rome; Classics and Critical Theory

Teaching 2016-2017


The Politics of Sacrifice in Early Greek Myth and Poetry. Cambridge University Press. (Forthcoming, February 2017) 

The Cultural History of Sport in Antiquity. Co-edited with Paul Christesen, Dartmouth College. Bloomsbury Press. (Under Contract)

Articles and Book Chapters: 

“Body, Mind, and Identity in Ancient Athletics.” The Cultural History of Sport in Antiquity. Eds. Paul Christesen and Charles Stocking. Bloomsbury Press. (Under Contract)

“Homer and Athletic Competition.” The Homer Encyclopedia. Eds. Corrine Pache, Susan Lupack, Robert Lamberton, and Casey Dué. Cambridge University Press. (Under    Contract).

“Hesiod in Paris: Justice, Truth, and Power between Past and Present.” Arethusa (Forthcoming)

“The Allure and Ethics of Ancient Aesthetics: Hellenism and the Modern Olympics.” Sport: Allure and Ethics. Ed. John Zilcoski. University of Toronto Press. (Forthcoming)

“Hesiod and Theory” with Stephen Scully. Oxford Handbook of Hesiod. Eds. Stephen Scully and Alexander Loney. Oxford University Press. (Forthcoming)

“The Use and Abuse of Training ‘Science’ in Philostratus’ Gymnasticus.” Classical Antiquity 35.1 (2016): 86-165.

“Ages of Athletes: Generational Decline in Philostratus’ Gymnasticus and Archaic Greek Poetry.” Classics@ Issue 13: Greek Poetry and Sport. 2015. Edited by Thomas          Scanlon.

“Greek Ideal as Hyperreal: Greco-Roman Sculpture and the Athletic Male Body.” Arion 21.3 (2014): 45-74.

“Sacrifice, Succession, and Paternity in Hesiod’s Theogony.” Mètis. Anthropologie des mondes grecs anciens 11 (2013): 183-210. 

“The Language about Achilles: Linguistic Frame Theory and the Formula in Homeric Poetics.”

A Californian Hymn to Homer. Ed. Timothy Pepper. Washington, D.C.: Harvard University Press, 2010.