Department of Classical StudiesWestern Arts and Humanities

Elizabeth M. Greene

greeneAssistant Professor of Classics

B.A.(Boston University), M.A.(Tufts), Ph.D. (North Carolina)
Office: Lawson Hall 3209
Extension: 84571
Personal Website:

Teaching 2014-2015

Areas of Interest:

  • Roman archaeology and social history
  • Western Roman provinces
  • Romanization and imperialism
  • Roman military, women and gender in antiquity
  • Latin epigraphy

Selected Recent Publications:

  • 2014c. “The Gemstones and Finger Rings from the 2007-12 Excavations in the vicus at Vindolanda,” in J. Blake, Vindolanda Excavations. The campaigns of 2007-2012 in the vicus or extramural settlement (‘Area B’). Greenhead: Roman Army Museum Publications.
  • 2014b. “Impressions of Identity: Choosing a Signet Ring in the Roman Army" in L. Brody and G. Hoffman (eds.), Roman in the Provinces: Art on the Periphery of Empire (Yale University Press). 111-126.

  • 2014a. “If the shoe fits: Style and function of children’s shoes from Vindolanda” in R. Collins and F. McIntosh (eds.), Life in the Limes: Studies of the People and Objects of the Roman Frontiers. Oxford: Oxbow. 29-36.

  • 2013b. “Female Networks in the Military Communities of the Roman West: A view from the Vindolanda Tablets” in E. Hemelrijk and G. Woolf (eds.), Women and the Roman City in the Latin West. Mnemosyne Journal Supplement, Brill. 369-90.

  • 2013a. “Before Hadrian’s Wall: Early military communities on the Roman frontier in Britain,” in R. Collins and M.F.A. Symonds (eds.), Breaking Down Boundaries: Hadrian’s Wall in the 21st Century, Journal of Roman Archaeology. 17-32.

  • 2012. “Sulpicia Lepidina and Elizabeth Custer: A Cross-cultural Analogy for the Social Roles of Women on a Military Frontier,” in M. Duggan, F. McIntosh, and D. Rohl (eds.), Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference 2011, Oxbow. 105-14.

Projects in Progress:

  • Conubium cum uxoribus: Wives and Children in the Roman Military Diplomas,” (article under review)
  • “Boys or Girls on the Column of Trajan? A reassessment of religious figures on the monument” (article)

  • “The North Field Excavations at Vindolanda: Interim Report on the 2009-12 Exploratory Field Seasons,” (article co-authored with A. Meyer, under review)

  • “Human remains from an early ditch at Vindolanda: A taphonomic study,” (article co-authored with Trudi Buck and Deb Bennett)

  • The Roman Shoe Assemblage from the Roman Fort at Vindolanda (Monograph)

  • Present but Not Accounted For: Women and the Roman Army. Co-edited with Lee L. Brice (CUP)