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APRIL 2014

Ehemaliger Herder-Schüler Bernd Steinbock lehrt in Kanada
Dr. Bernd Steinbock, University of Western Ontario, keynote speaker at the "2000 year Emperor Augustus and 1200 year Emperor Charlemagne" anniversary.


If only Putin had read Plato - Western News February 6th, 2014

JULY 2013

Put your left foot forward! Looking at the shoes from Piercebridge - Cataloguing the Roman objects from the River Tees


JUNE 2013

Acadmic Minute with Dr. Elizabeth Greene, Western University – Roman Shoes
Dr. Elizabeth Greene of Western University explains what shoes found at an archaeological dig in England have to say about the ancient Romans who wore them. 

MAY 2013

Classical Studies students unearthing Roman history

Vindolanda Field School Blog. Read daily updates from 9 University of Western Ontario students about their experiences excavating at the Vindolanda Field School.

APRIL 2013

Latin Makes an Appearance on Finnish Radio. News at VI.
It’s a weekly summary of world events and news broadcast by Finnish state radio — not in Finnish, but in classical Latin.


Roman Kids Showed Off Status With Shoes
Dr. Elizabeth Greene is making headlines with her research paper "If the Shoe Fits: Children's Shoes in the archaeological record of the Roman army". Presented on January 4, 2013 at the Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America.


Vindolanda Fort Fresh Water Piping System Discovered
An archaeologist in Northumberland has uncovered more of a Roman water system first found by his grandfather

JULY 2012

Boris Johnson to recite new poem for the Olympics in ancient Greek
The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has commissioned a poem in the style of Pindar to mark the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games

Stratford Theatre Festival Presents:

About the Play 
Through her long years of powerless rage against her mother and stepfather – who murdered her father, King Agamemnon – Elektra has been sustained only by the belief that her brother Orestes will one day return to avenge their father’s death. But further grief awaits her before that hope can be fulfilled.
July 29 - September 29, 2012

JUNE 2012

Ancient Greek Solution for Debt Crisis

MAY 2012

A classic performance at Western
Adela Talbot, Western News May 2012

A performance by renowned Canadian poet and classicist Anne Carson kicked off the 2012 Classical Association of Canada (CAC) Conference, hosted by Western’s Department of Classical Studies this past May. The annual CAC conference unites roughly 150 researchers from across North America. Professor Amy Richlin of the University of California at Los Angeles delivered the keynote address, Vox Clamantis in Deserto: Teaching Classics to the First Nations.


Uncovering family ties across the ages
Paul Mayne Western News Oct. 6, 2011

Elizabeth Greene has spent the best part of the last decade in the hills of northern England playing in the dirt. And she cant think of a better way to earn a living. Its just cool and fun digging in the dirt. Its the best, says Westerns new professor in Roman archaeology (Department of Classical Studies). I can make mud patties in the summer when Im bored. Read More.

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