Safety Committee

Safety committee members are available to assist you with concerns related to safety and incident/accident investigations.

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Membership

  • Oleg Semenikhin (Safety Chair)
    Office: ChB 067
    Campus phone: extension 82858
    519-474-1354 (home)
    519-318-9426 (cell)
  • Yining Huang (Dept Chair)
    Office: ChB 120A
    Campus phone: extension 83122
  • Johanna Blacquiere
    Office: CHB 123 (first floor)
    Campus phone: extension 81284
  • Clara Wren
    Office: ChB 019 (basement)
    Campus phone: extension 86339
  • Rob Harbottle
    Office: ChB 089 (lower ground) or 110A
    Campus phone: extension 86340

Student Members
Nick Maddox (Shoesmith lab)
Bahareh Farhadpour (Baines lab)
Tyler Cuthbert (Ragogna/Gillies lab)
Amir Rabiee Kenaree (Gilroy lab)

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