Chemistry Administration and Staff

The Administration and support staff in the Department of Chemistry offers clerical and technical assistance for virtually every aspect of teaching and research. Departmental common facilities, such as the NMR's, Mass Spectrometer, Electronics Shop, and the Glass Blowing Shop, are managed by our staff, many of whom are recognized experts in their field. In addition, the undergraduate laboratories are fully staffed by qualified Laboratory Technicians and Instructional Assistants.

These people are well-qualified and are available for advice in many areas. Our knowledgeable office personnel are of great assistance in guiding students and visitors through unfamiliar territory, in purchasing supplies and equipment, as well as with academic and personnel queries.

To reach any of us, dial 519 661-2111, followed by the 5-digit extension.

Administrative Officer

Anna Vandendvrie

ext. 86344

Departmental Manager

Warren Lindsay

ext. 80979

Graduate Coordinator

Darlene McDonald

ext. 81543

ChemBio Stores

Marylou Hart

ext. 86303

Sherrie McPhee

ext. 86300

Don Yakobchuk

ext. 82168

Monica  Chirigel

ext. 82168

Departmental Secretaries

Sandy McCaw

ext. 86350

Clara Fernandes

ext. 86342

Electronics Shop

John Vanstone

ext 86304

Jon Aukema

ext. 86304

Barakat Misk

ext. 86304

Glass Blowing Shop

Yves Rambour

ext. 80098

Laboratory Technicians

Lesley Tchorek

ext. 86340

Susan England

ext. 86328/86340

Sandra Zakaria Holtslag

ext. 86927

Robin Hall

ext. 86322

Ron Maslen (Manager)

ext. 86322/87883

Robert Harbottle

ext. 86340

Facilities Staff

Mathew Willans (NMR)

ext. 82905

Doug Hairsine (Mass Spec)

ext. 86323

Paul  Boyle (X-ray)

ext. 82743

Instructional Assistants

Jan Mathers

ext. 86927

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