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Chemical Biology and Biomaterials - click for description

Faculty Member
Research Interests Email Extension
Gillies, Elizabeth Polymers and biomaterials egillie@uwo.ca 80223
Hudson, Robert Bioorganic and synthetic chemistry, DNA, RNA, peptide nucleic acids, fluorescence rhhudson@uwo.ca 86349
Luyt, Leonard Probes for molecular imaging, medicinal and bioorganic chemistry lluyt@uwo.ca 80223
Konermann, Lars Analytical and biophysical chemistry, mass spectrometry, protein structure and function, rapid mixing devices, kinetic measurements, computer simulations konerman@uwo.ca 86313
O’Donoghue, Patrick Synthesis of proteins containing atypical amino acids patrick.odonoghue@uwo.ca 519-850-2373
Stillman, Martin Metalloproteins; chemistry of Zn, Cd, As, and Hg in biology; iron scavenging by S. aureus; porphyrins and phthalocyanines; metal-thiolate clusters stillman@uwo.ca 83821
Yeung, Ken Enabling Miniaturized Protein Analysis using Capillary Electrophoresis and Mass Spectrometry   kyeung@uwo.ca

Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Materials

Faculty Member
Research Interests Email Extension
Baines, Kim Mechanistic organometallic chemistry, organometallic polymers, low-coordinate Si and Ge compounds, interference lithography (with Robert Lipson) kbaines2@uwo.ca 83122
Blacquiere, Johanna Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis, Ligand Design jblacqu2@uwo.ca 81284
Corrigan, John Semiconductor nanoparticles and nanoclusters, materials chemistry, main group chemistry jfcorrig@uwo.ca 86387
Gilroy, Joe Inorganic, polymer and materials chemistry joe.gilroy@uwo.ca 81561
Kerr, Michael Synthesis of natural products, chemistry of heterocycles and cycloaddition reactions makerr@uwo.ca 86354
Pagenkopf, Brian Synthetic methods and total synthesis, catalysis, silole-based materials bpagenko@uwo.ca 81430
Puddephatt, Richard Organometallic chemistry, molecular materials, catalysis pudd@uwo.ca 86336
Ragogna, Paul Chalcogens, main group and transition metal chemistry, ionophilic materials, cobaltoarenophanes, metallopolymers, superhydrophobic coatings, functional materials pragogna@uwo.ca 87048
Weedon, Alan Organic Photochemistry aweedon@uwo.ca 82900
Wisner, James Organic Supramolecular Chemistry Self-Assembly, Templation and Mechanically Bonded Molecules jwisner@uwo.ca 86864

Materials: Design, Function and Characterization

Faculty Member
Research Interests Email Extension
Ding, Zhifeng Bioanalytical and materials chemistry, scanning electrochemical microscopy, electrochemiluminescence, raman microspectroscopy zfding@uwo.ca 86161
Griffiths, Keith Surface Science griff@uwo.ca 84141
Huang, Yining Characterization of nanoporous and layered inorganic materials by solid-state NMR and vibrational spectroscopy; crystallization of molecular sieves; host-guest interactions in zeolites; behavior of zeolites under high pressures yhuang@uwo.ca 86384
Lagugné-Labarthet, François Vibrational imaging, confocal microscopy, plasmonics, nanomaterials and Nanofabrication, photonics, polymers flagugne@uwo.ca 81006
Semenikhin, Oleg Materials, renewable energy, electrochemistry, nanotechnology osemenik@uwo.ca 82858
Sham, T.K. Synthesis and electronic properties of nanomaterials, heterostructures, surface and interfaces, X-ray spectroscopy, scattering and imaging using synchrotron radiation tsham@uwo.ca 86341
Shoesmith, David Electrochemistry and corrosion of materials, kinetics of surface reactions, modelling of surface processes, nuclear waste disposal, corrosion processes on gas pipelines dwshoesm@uwo.ca 86366
Song, Yang Materials chemistry, extreme-condition studies, vibrational spectroscopy, synchrotron radiation yang.song@uwo.ca 86310
Workentin, Mark Materials, photochemistry, organic electrochemistry mworkent@uwo.ca 86319
Wren, Clara Chemical Kinetics and Transport Phenomena in Radiation-Induced Processes jcwren@uwo.ca 86339

Theory and Computation

Faculty Member
Research Interests Email Extension
Constas, Styliani Molecular simulations, chemical reactions in solution, dynamics of processes, charged clusters, activated processes, methods for rare events, polymer systems, Monte Carlo methods, molecular dynamics methods sconstas@uwo.ca 86338
Staroverov, Viktor Quantum chemistry, computational chemistry, density-functional theory vstarove@uwo.ca 86317

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