March 2012: Chemistry website gets a makeover!

The main Western Chemistry website, established by Prof. Robert Hudson, was replaced by Prof. Brian Pagenkopf  and Ihsan Raman, in 2006.  The undergraduate and graduate parts of the site were substantially updated by Felix Lee, and then again the entire site was swapped out by Brian for its third major transition today, March 9, 2012.  We really need to thank Felix for putting in some of the artistic content that is retained.  Our departmental website has grown so massive that one faculty member in their part time could not possibly have rewritten it.  So, we are all indebted to Judy Steward (ITS), Susan Barschel (ITS), and Matt Dumouchel (Information Systems), and others (sorry for not listing you!), for helping out in this important upgrade and transition process – it took over a year and hundreds of hours of work to make this transition possible.  We have high expectations for the new website increasing internal efficiency, flashier and clearer external publicity and greater convenience for all Western Chemistry visitors. Enjoy our new Chemistry presence at Western!

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