2012 March 15: Open House

Last Saturday, at the March Open House for the entire University, our department put on, perhaps, its finest show.   The preparations were very extensive, careful and hugely time-consuming.  Quite remarkably over very few hours an operating 1st year lab (in the MSA) was converted into an operating demo and display space for hundreds of visitors.  The new demo experiments, the Bangs, the liquid nitrogen demos, slime, all went off (pardon) flawlessly.

The Chemistry with a Bang show was crowded with visitors, and Hudson's final 'bang' was spectacular.  Of course, we started with class, Clara's welcome for the whole day was a class act.  The blue shirts of the ChemClub students and our graduates were everywhere right to the end and led to many questions "exactly what did Heisenberg have to do with this demo?”. 

The staff in the department make this show work - without the contributions of the whole department - there would be no show.  Thanks in particular go to Staff: Sandra Zakaria Holtslag (Ring Master), Susan England, Ron L Maslen, Clara Fernandes (Chief Greeter), Jamie Noël, Rob Harbottle, Sherrie McPhee, Warren Lindsay, John Vanstone, Jon Aukema, Sandy McCaw, and Jan Mathers.  Graduate Students: Pam Yakabuskie, Jackie Price, Donghan Chen, Ming Huang, Ting Li, Yu Sun, Eleanor Magdzinski, Shannon Hill, Anthony Accettone, Liang Zhou, and Ryan Guterman. Undergraduate Students: Taylor Martino, Seowoo Kim,  Sheneth Fernando, Timothy Bruce Wright, Nicole Maione, Matthew Richard Vriesen, Kyle Jeffs, Emily  Cook, Bryan Robertson, Gyeongsu Park, Kelly Firth and Connor Kadwell.  Faculty: Kay Calvin,  Kim Baines, Robert H.E. Hudson, Zhifeng Ding, Ken Yeung, Viktor Staroverov, Felix Lee and Martin Stillman. We also thank Mitch Zimmer for taking a number of photos and videos of the 'Bangs' shows.  Apologies to anyone not listed.  All these volunteers were necessary to make this event a success!



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