Recent Seminars and Conferences

2010 – 2011



September 20, 21, 22

F.L.M. Pattison Distinguished Lectureships

Prof. Dennis Dougherty

George Grant Hoag, Professor of Chemistry

Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

California Inst. Of Technology, Pasadena, California

Sept. 21

Prof. Robert Lamb, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

October 13

Prof. Rebecca Jockusch, University of Toronto

October 27

Prof. Dan Mindiola, Indiana State University

November 3

Prof. John Honek, University of Waterloo

November  9

Prof. James Harynuk, University of Alberta

November 17

Prof. Jeffrey A. Fortner (Argonne National Laboratory)

November 17

Prof. Jeffrey Manthorpe, Carleton University

November 24

Prof. Christopher Barrett, McGill University 

December 8

Dr. Charles S. Weinert, Oklahoma State University




January 4

Prof. James Donaldson, University of Toronto

January 12

Prof. Richmond Sarpong, University of California, Berkeley

January 25

Prof. Glenn Sammis, Univ. of British Columbia

January 26

Prof. Scott Mabury, University of Toronto

January 26

Prof. Pouria Ghods, Carleton University, Ottawa

February 9

Prof. Zin Tun, Principal Research Officer, NRC Canadian Neutron Beam Centre, Chalk River, ON

February 9

Dr. Graeme K. Hunter, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, UWO

February 16

Prof. Natalie M. Cann, Dept. of Chemistry, Queen’s University

February 25

Prof. André M. Beauchemin, Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation, University of Ottawa

March 2

Prof. Andy Sun, UWO, Dept. Of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

March 9

Prof. Patrick Gunning, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Toronto

March 23

Prof. Eli Zysman-Colman, Dept. of Chemistry,

Université de Sherbrooke, QC

March 30

Prof. Pavle Radovanovic, University of Waterloo

April 18

Prof. Chris Orvig, University of British Columbia

April 20

Prof. Martin Cohen, Cytec Industries Inc., Stamford, CT

May 2,3,4

3M Lectureship

Prof. Harry Gray,  Arnold O. Beckman, Professor of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology

May 10

Prof. Carlos Pereira, Universidade do Porto, Portugal

May 17

Prof. Ivan Huc, Universite de Bordeaux, France

June 1

Prof. Yufeng (Frank) Cheng, University of Calgary

June 13


Award Winner 2010

Dr. Jason Laurence Dutton, University of Calgary

June 17

Prof. Artur Podhorodecki, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

June 22

Prof. Paul Hayes, University of Lethbridge, Alberta

July 18

Prof. Xuhui (Jeff) Sun, Institute of Functional Nano & Soft Materials (FUNSOM) Soochow University, China

Aug. 3

Prof. Jian Wang, SM Beamline, Canadian Light Source Inc., University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon,  SK

Aug. 11

Dr. Patrick Steel, University of Durham, United Kingdom

Aug. 19

Prof. Ricardo Aroca, University of Windsor

Aug. 25

Prof. Elena Ishow, University of Nantes, Nantes, France