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First Year Report

A technical report serves two functions. It provides the writer with an opportunity to stand back from the details, organize one's thoughts, and synthesize facts into knowledge. It also provides the readers with an opportunity to see how the writer is progressing with the task at hand. Like other tasks, report writing is an acquired skill. Those with little experience should consult a book on technical writing.

The length of the oral presentation (typically 15 to 20 minutes) should be decided in consultation with the Supervisor. The form of the report should be discussed with the supervisor. The report must include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Experimental section
  • Description of completed research
  • Discussion of results
  • Suggestions for future work
  • A brief curriculum vitae including your name, post secondary education and degrees, honors and awards, related work experience (including TA assignments), and relevant publications and presentations.
  • Summary of course work

Note: Students must follow the proper format when writing their first-year report. Please refer to the document Fomat for First Year Report for additional details.

Prior to presenting the report, download the form for First Year Report evaluation. Enter your information (section #1) and the names of your committee members (section #4). Afterwards, print the document and bring it with you to your presentation.