Korean Presbyterian Church
Rev. Young Ho Yoon <yyoon24@uwo.ca>
Korean Presbyterian Church Chaplain

Western University
UCC 256, London, Ontario
Phone: 519.661.2111 x85929
Cell: 519-685-9910

Usually called "Captain" or "Pastor" by his students, Young Ho is currently serving at the London First Korean Presbyterian Church as English Ministry Pastor. His passion is to help young people to realize their life purpose and wisely work on their life puzzle pieces with the big picture in view.

Sincerely committed to the Bible as the Word of God, Young Ho comes to the campus every morning to meditate on Scripture with students and pray together. He believes one can find security ó both present and eternal ó love, and significance in Christ, and he also believes in the capacity and necessity in university students to find these three during the school years and help others to do the same. His prayer is that students donít study text books just to get a good job later but learn life to selflessly serve others like Christ (Mark 10:45).

He may be best contacted at withyyh@gmail.com.
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