Canadian Centre for Activity and Agine

Personal Training

Exercise Training Tailored to You!

The CCAA offers individual or small group sessions with a personal trainer aimed to improve exercise technique, manage weight, and improve any or all areas of fitness.

# of SessionsIndividual 1 Hour SessionsGroup Training (Max. 3 People)
One (1) $45.00 +HST $35.00 per person +HST
Three (3) $120.00 +HST $60.00 per person +HST
Five (5) $175.00 +HST $125.00 per person +HST

How to Register

  1. Visit or call our reception at 519-661-1603 or Toll Free at 1-888-661-1603.
  2. We will help book your fitness appraisal.
  3. Your appraiser will design a fitness program that best suits your fitness level.
  4. Visit our reception to complete your session payment(s). 

*All participants must complete a fitness appraisal prior to attending any fitness programs at the CCAA. A fitness appraisal service fee of $45 will be charged if the participant does not purchase their session(s) shortly afterward.