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CAMBR Seminar Series
March 13, 2:30 pm CHB 115
Prof. Jeff Wood
Composite Materials Research at the ICRC
Dr. Pelumb Jakupi
Applications of Analytical Microscopic Techniques to Investigate Localized Corrosion on Commercial Alloys and Coatings

2014 AMBI Undergraduate Research Award Applications

2014 AMBI Facilities Access Grants

November 1, 2013 Distinguished Lecturer and Research Day

Congratulations to our 2013 AMBI Undergraduate Research Award Recipients!

Michelle Bashaw, working with Prof. Charpentier (Chem & Biochem Engg) and Prof. Semenikhin (Chemistry)
Brad Brouwer, working with Prof. Corrigan (Chemistry) and Prof. Fanchini (Physics & Astronomy)
Sydney Davenport, working with Prof. de Bruyn (Physics & Astronomy) and Prof. Yang (Mech & Mater Engg)
Jagan Sivakumaran, working with Prof. Hutter (Physics and Astronomy) and Prof. Goldberg (Dentistry)
Saied Sorkhou, working with Prof. Gillies (Chem/Chem & Biochem Engg) and Prof. de Bruyn (Physics & Astronomy)
Andrei Venter, working with Prof. Workentin (Chemistry) and Prof. Fanchini (Physics & Astronomy)  



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On the morning of Monday, December 10, CAMBR will be sponsoring a complementary "Materials & Biomaterials Facilities" information session. Brian Branfireun (Director, Biotron), François Lagugné-Labarthet (Director, Nanofab) and David Shoesmith (Director, Surface Science Western) will each be giving an interactive information seminar, outlining the capabilities of their facility here at Western. This is an ideal opportunity for faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to learn (more?) about what services and instrumentation these and other centres can provide to advance their research in (bio)materials. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The session has been moved to Chem Bldg 9 (Ground Floor).


9:00-9:45 Brian Branfireun  BIOTRON Centre for Experimental Climate Change Research - Much more than just fancy greenhouses

9:45-10:30 François Lagugné-Labarthet The Western Nanofabrication Facility: Making Micro- and Nano-Scale Devices

10:30-10:50  Coffee Break

10:50-11:05  Peter Simpson The Tandetron Accelerator Laboratory 

11:05-11:50 David Shoesmith Surface Science Western - Canada's Premier Surface/Materials Analysis Laboratory

11:50-12:10 Materials Facilties in the Chemistry Department (Paul Boyle, X-ray Facility; Mat Willans, NMR Facility; Doug Hairsine; Mass Spec Facility)

12:10 Light lunch and networking (MSA Foyer)


Dr. John F. Corrigan

Department of Chemistry
Western University
London, ON
N6A 5B7 Canada
(519) 661 2111 x86387

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