Highly Qualified Personnel Committee

Training the next generation of researchers is one of the most important aims of the BrainsCAN initiative. BrainsCAN HQP programs endeavor to attract and retain the world’s most promising young neuroscientists and neuroimagers to Canada, and to Western. BrainsCAN’s HQP opportunities will develop and support graduate students and postdoctoral scholars as they establish themselves in this field.

Postdoctoral Scholars Program

The HQP committee is responsible for the development and oversight of the postdoc program. Up to ten BrainsCAN Postdoctoral scholarships will be awarded in the Autumn 2017 competition, to highly qualified individuals from any country who have received their PhDs within the last 6 years.

Please refer to the Postdoctoral Scholars Program page for further details.


HQP Committee

The BrainsCAN HQP committee currently consists of thirteen members:

  1. Dr. Ingrid Johnsrude - Committee Chair
  2. Dr. Jessica Grahn
  3. Dr. Ali Khan
  4. Dr. Stephen Lomber
  5. Dr. Keith St. Lawrence
  6. Dr. Jennifer Mandzia
  7. Dr. Ravi Menon
  8. Dr. Sarah Morrow
  9. Dr. Adrian Owen
  10. Dr. Terry Peters
  11. Dr. Vania Prado
  12. Dr. Andrew Pruszynski
  13. Dr. Ryan Stevenson