Brain and Mind Institute


The Brain and Mind Institute will be relocating to the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building (WIRB) by December 1, 2017.   This will be one of Western's larger moves for a research facility. To ensure this move goes smoothly with minimal downtime, various committees have been formed and they are actively working through the planning stages.  If you would like to see who is on which committee and what their responsibilities are, please visit

Below you will find some information to help you start preparing for the move this winter. You are invited to check-in regularly to this site to see the latest updates, as they become available. To learn more about the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building and view construction photos, visit

General inquiries and feedback can be emailed to

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to prepare for the move this December and arrange the scheduling of research activities, answers to some standard questions are available in this FAQ document



What has happened so far

The Move Team and the four subcommittees have toured the new building and submitted feedback. 

SS&D: The Movers will be walking thru the Natural Sciences Centre on September 20th. Meetings between the WIRB Move Team and the movers will be scheduled shortly.

Lab Equipment has been inventoried and vendors have been contacted to disassemble and install specialized equipment in the new building. 

Initial office and space assignments have been completed.

Furniture order has been submitted. AV and appliances will be ordered over next few weeks. 



Just over two months left to assess what items you have in both your office and lab areas.  Are there things that should be recycled, donated or disposed? Do you have documents that could be archived, scanned, shredded or recycled?  Not sure what can be done or when?

Document Management: Information on document management and processes can be found on the Western Libraries website at

Retention and Disposal Schedule:  To learn more about when certain materials can archived or disposed, please visit  This schedule includes Academic deadlines for exams. Please note that Ethics determines retention deadlines for all research materials.   

Shredding Confidential Files: A locked bin from Shred-It has been placed in the mailroom for all confidential material in the first week of July.  Pick-up will take place every 4 weeks for now and eventually increased to every 2 weeks, if needed. 

Recycling Documents: Four blue recycle bins are available throughout NSC to recycle paperwork (mailroom, outside lunchroom, 2nd floor hallway and room 110). These bins have wheels and can be temporarily moved to an office or lab location to be filled.  Please return the recycle bin back to its original location when no longer using. 

Scanning to Digital format: Consider scanning your documents and having them available digitally, instead of filing hard copies.  The photocopier (in the mailroom) has a feeder that can scan several documents (single or book) within seconds. If the photocopier use increases significantly, a schedule may be posted to block scanning times. See url links above for more information on retaining hard copies.  

Donating Academic Books: BMI is working with Better World Books to coordinate pick up of books that faculty members would like to donate.  A box has been placed in the mailroom (next to the recycle and Shred-It bins) for all books to be donated. Please take a moment to review the guidelines posted by the box for what can be donated. 

Email Announcements: Watch for emails from the Move Team and all subcommittees (IT, Space Planning, Lab Equipment and Furniture)! Please respond to all survey and feedback requests, including submitting lab equipment details for the new Equipment Inventory Database. 

Packing Instructions

BMI will be meeting with SS&D: The Movers, Western's preferred moving company, in September to go over all the relocation logistics. Packing instructions will posted later in the fall, well before the moving date.   Please note that SS&D will be signing a confidentiality agreement and according to Ethics protocol, this moving company will be permitted to move packed confidential materials to the new building.