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Equipment Inventory Database Form

An Equipment Inventory Database (EID) for lab equipment has been created to serve several essential purposes and is invaluable to the planning and execution of our move this December. Following the move to the Western Interdisciplinary Research Building, the database will maintain a record of equipment location, aid in tracking misplaced/missing equipment and serve as a repository for manuals and software.  This form is to track lab equipment only.   Do not submit information on computer equipment or lab supplies. 

Please complete this form by individually recording each piece of research equipment (with its components) in your respective labs. Remember to click "Submit" at the bottom of the page, before identifying the next piece of equipment. Repeat as often as needed.

IMPORTANT: This form will not time-out, but leaving or closing the page before clicking the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page will erase all entries. Consider first writing responses in a Word document or similar and pasting them into this form when ready.

For assistance, email or call ext. 82069.

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Identify the components of this lab equipment and email photos of the components to as attachments or by a shared cloud link, such as Dropbox.  Each photo must be properly titled in order to match to the correct equipment and components entered in this webform.

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Additional information, if available to provide. Email any manuals, instructions and software drivers to as attachments or by a shared cloud link, such as Dropbox. 

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  Please review your form prior to submission.  Thank you for this lab equipment record.