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Dr. Hanif Ladak
Dr. Hanif Ladak

Digital Image Processing

An introduction to the fundamentals of digital image processing including image representation, 2D linear systems theory and Fourier analysis, digital filtering and segmentation. Concentrates on practical techniques through an exposure to image processing applications in industry, science and medicine and assignments based on MATLAB numeric computation and visualization environments.

Course Objectives and Outline

Website: http://www.eng.uwo.ca/people/hladak/default.htm


Prerequisite(s): Medical Biophysics 3503G or the former Medical Biophysics 3302E; Medical Biophysics 3505F and 3507G, or the former Medical Biophysics 3303E; Calculus 2303A/B or 2503A/B; 1.0 course from Medical Biophysics 2128A/B and 2129A/B, or Physics 2128A/B and 2129A/B, or Physics 2101A/B and 2102A/B, or permission of the department.
Extra Information: 2 lecture hours, 0.5 course.





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