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What Can I do with a Biophysics degree

What Can I do with BiophysicsBiophysics spans all areas of the life sciences from molecular biology to physiology to the study of ecosystems.  Biophysicists  use experimental  and theoretical approaches of the physical sciences to solve biologoical problems.  Western's Department of Biophysics focuses on medical science and allows students to develop and strengthen their ability to apply mathematical and physical principles in the study of biological phenomena.  Students normally enter the program in the 3rd year from biology, physics, mathematics or chemistry.


Skills Acquired: 

Writing Technical Reports

Establishing Hypotheses

Evaluating Ideas

Design and Performing
Utilizing Mathematical Formulas
Gathering Data
Mathematical Modelling
Problem Solving
Developing Research Methods




Potential Work Environments:

Students with degrees in biophysics are employed in a variety of environments, including government research labs, hospitals, universities, colleges, private industry, etc.

Possible Careers:  

Research Scientist
Applications Specialist
Computational Biologist
Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Computational Chemist
R&D Project Scientist
Medical Physicist

Cancer Researcher

Pharmaceutical Research Technologist

Research Programmer

Medical Imaging Specialist





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Important News for 2014 Graduate Applicants

In Your Statement of Intent, 
please indicate in which area(s) of graduate research you are interested & why your academic and research background has attributes relevant to your intention to pursue a graduate degree in Medical Biophysics.

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If you are applying to the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc CAMPEP Accredited stream of the Medical Biophysics graduate program - START HERE

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