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New Medical Biophysics Graduate Students
Starting in Fall 2013

(last updated August 23rd, 2013)

(see the update posted on August 23rd)

Important Dates to Remember

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013
MBP Graduate Orientation
Room 384, Medical Sciences Bldg.
Western Campus
4:30 to 6:00 pm
Pizza and soft drinks will be served
Introduction to the Medical Biophysics Graduate Program
Jerry Battista (Department Chair)
and Hanif Ladak (Graduate Chair)

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Schulich Medicine and Dentistry
Graduate Orientation
All Graduate Students
Registered in a Schulich Program
Grad Club, Middlesex College
Western Campus
4:00 to 6:00 pm

by September 9th at 11am

Thursday, September 19th, 2013
noon to 1 pm
 First MBP Graduate Seminar
for Fall Term 
New & Current Graduate Students
Shuttleworth Auditorium 
St. Joseph's Health Centre 
Richmond St.
Tuesday, September 17th, 2013
noon to 2:00 pm
Medical Biophysics Graduate Mixer
BBQ Buffet
Grad Club, Middlesex College
Western Campus
New & Current MBP Graduate Students & Faculty are Welcome


checkmark Refer to Campus Map to familiarize yourself with the 'lay of the land' on campus.
checkmark If you are planning to drive a car to campus on a regular basis, refer to Western's Parking Services for  purchase of parking permit.
If you are planning to drive a car on a regular basis to one of the LHSC campuses (UH, SJHC, Victoria, or LRCP), contact:

University Hospital parking services  519 - 685 - 8500 ext. 32446
Other LHSC campuses parking services

519 - 685 - 8500 ext. 53078

SJHC parking services

519 - 646 - 6000 ext. 65113

checkmark Pick up your WESTERN ONE ID CARD from Student Services Bldg. See Campus Map.
checkmark The Medical Biophysics Graduate Program will only use Western e-mail accounts (e.g. johndoe@uwo.ca) to communicate with all students. If you choose to use another e-mail account (examples: @gmail.com, @lhsc.on.ca, @hotmail.com, @robarts.ca etc.), please ensure that your @uwo.ca account is forwarded to your preferred account.

DO NOT allow your @uwo.ca account to become over quota at any given time. Failure to do so will not be accepted as a reason for missing important program information such as deadlines or memos from the Graduate or Department Chairs etc.

Information about BUS PASSES* and HEALTH PLAN OPT-OUT Forms for Fall Term on the SOGS (Society of Graduate Students) website will be posted by the end of August. SOGS is located in the University Community Centre, Room 260. Office open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. Phone:(519) 661-3394 or sogs@uwo.ca  

*Bus passes for each term are included in the cost of annual tuition. There is no opt-out for bus passes.


Now that you have your bus pass, see: LTC (London Transit Commission) Routes and Schedules


Tuition is due September 9th, 2013.

Login to your STUDENT CENTRE to view your personal tuition account. 

Domestic full-time fees are $2,966.01 for Fall Term.
Domestic part-time fees are $1,173.01 for Fall Term.
International full-time fees are $6,304.67 for Fall Term.

CAMPEP fees are $5,066.01 for Fall Term.   

Well BEFORE the tuition due date, all new MBP students MUST refer to their letters of offer from the Graduate Chair to determine their level of tuition support in the form of a Western Graduate Research Scholarship* (WGRS).

WGRS support was posted to eligible students' tuition accounts on August 27th under "Pending Financial Aid" in the Campus Finances section of their STUDENT CENTRE .  On September 3rd, this support will be automatically applied to tuition owing. 

DO THE MATH to calculate what you will owe after your WGRS has been applied. The remaining difference is what you owe for Fall Term tuition on September 9th. 

* $1,500.00/term for domestic students and $3,600.00/term for international students

If new students have any questions about their tuition support or their graduate stipends as indicated in their letters of offer, please contact Wendy Hough (519 - 661 - 2111 (86550)) or Barb Citton (519 - 661 - 2111 (86788)) in the Medical Biophysics office (Rm 407, Medical Sciences Bldg.) for assistance BEFORE September 9th. Questions about tuition support and individual stipends will NOT be answered by e-mail.   


To pay your tuition owed, refer to Tuition Payment Options.

A late fee penalty of $133.00 will be applied to individual students' accounts who do not pay their fees by the Registrar's deadlines

If you are unable to meet the Registrar's tuition payment deadlines, please contact the Student Financial Aid Office for an appointment to discuss an alternate university approved payment plan.

Continuous graduate enrollment in subsequent terms will be cancelled until outstanding tuition owed from the current term is paid in full.

checkmark Start thinking about and planning for your 2013 income tax return. Information about filing the appropriate university tax forms with your 2013 return and whom to contact with any questions is available HERE.
checkmark In order to receive your monthly stipend as a GRADUATE RESEARCH ASSISTANT (GRA) as indicated in your graduate letter of offer, you MUST set up your electronic bank deposit information in your Western My Human Resources account ASAP in September.

Failure to set up your automatic electronic bank deposit in information will result in late payment of your monthly stipend.

All faculty, students, and staff are paid on the 2nd last banking day of each month.

Ensure that your CURRENT address and phone numbers in London are ALWAYS listed in your STUDENT CENTRE and My Human Resources   Otherwise, any Western hard copy communication or off-cycle cheques meant for you will be sent to your last known address on record. This may result in a significant inconvenience for you.  

If you have not done so already, order OFFICIAL transcripts from your previous university or universities SHOWING DEGREE CONFERRED or GRANTED and request that the appropriate Registrar's Office(s) send the transcripts DIRECTLY to:

Graduate Program Assistant
Department of Medical Biophysics
Room 407, Medical Sciences Bldg.
Western University
1151 Richmond St.
London, Ontario  N6A 3K7

Failure to do this will result in cancellation of continous graduate enrollment in subsequent terms until this documentation is received.

checkmark Enroll in MEDICAL BIOPHYSICS GRADUATE COURSES ON-LINE  as recommended by your supervisor(s). If unable to register in any graduate course(s), contact WENDY HOUGH BY E-MAIL with your student number, course(s) and number(s). She will enroll you in your course(s). 

On-line enrollment for Medical Biophysics graduate courses will not be available until August 26th.

Complete the mandatory COMPREHENSIVE WHMIS TEST, print 2 copies of successful completion certificate, deliver 1 copy to MBP Graduate Program Office or scan and send it to Wendy Hough as a PDF file. Keep othe copy for your files. 


Familiarize yourself with Western's WEBCT OWL (POWERED BY SAKAI) to access materials for your courses.

Login with username and password in the upper right hand corner.
Your courses will be listed as tabs across the top of OWL or under the 'My Active Sites' dropdown menu.

If you don't see a course for which you are looking, sign into Student Center to confirm enrollment in the course. If you are enrolled and still don't see the course, contact your instructor. S/he may not have activated the online course in OWL yet.


Read information about the NSERC POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP Competition. All eligible Medical Biophysics graduate students are required to apply for this scholarship.

Determine your eligibility status. If you are eligible according to the criteria listed on the NSERC website, start to prepare your application in consultation with your supervisor.

More information and the application process for NSERC and other provincial and national scholarship competitions will be posted on the MBP website at the start of September. 

checkamrk Starting September 19th, attendance at all MBP Graduate Seminars is MANDATORY every Thursday, at noon, throughout Fall and Winter Terms. See the seminar speakers schedule listed on the GRADUATE SEMINAR WEBPAGE  
checkmark Read the Guidelines, Procedures, & Policies Governing Graduate Students webpage

This information AFFECTS you! 
checkmark In consultation with your supervisor, choose your ADVISORY COMMITTEE by the end of Fall Term 2013.
checkmark Organize and complete your first advisory committee meeting by the end of Winter Term 2014.
checkmark Remember that graduate school is short term pain for long term gain.



Important News for 2014 Graduate Applicants

In Your Statement of Intent, 
please indicate in which area(s) of graduate research you are interested & why your academic and research background has attributes relevant to your intention to pursue a graduate degree in Medical Biophysics.

If you are a domestic applicant - START HERE - to submit your application.

If you are applying to the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc CAMPEP Accredited stream of the Medical Biophysics graduate program - START HERE

If you are an international applicant - START HERE - to submit your application.

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Western's Learning Skills Services for Graduate Students offers excellent advice and counselling about balancing the challenges of conducting research, writing your dissertation, and maintaining a personal life. An effective example of their services is tips on time management

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In Memory of Dr. Alan C. Groom, Professor Emeritius, the Alan C. Groom Memorial Fund Has Been Established. See Presentation  ...
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Founder, Medical Biophysics, UWO, and
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Inductee


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