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Biology Seminar Series - Winter 2017

Departmental seminars explore all aspects of biology, and are are held on Fridays, 12:30-1:30, in BGS 0153 (unless otherwise noted). Refreshments will be provided.

All queries should be directed to Jamie Kramer.

All are welcome to attend!

Winter 2017 Schedule

6 Jan Simon Bonner Missing Data, Mark-Recapture, and Markov chain Monte Carlo: Aspects of my work as an ecological  statistician
13 Jan Pierre Hilson How a root becomes a shoot: molecular and cytological insights into organ development and identity
20 Jan Gard Otis Asian honey bees collect animal dung to deter giant hornet attacks
27 Jan Olivia Rissland Widespread reorganization of mRNA-protein complexes in early development
3 Feb Frederique Guinel Spanish River Carbonatite: An agromineral with potential benefits to agriculture
10 Feb James Fry Pick your poison: evolutionary genetics of ethanol resistance in Drosophila
24 Feb Pedro R. Peres-Neto Why are species where they are? The spatial ecology of communities, species and their phenotypes
3 Mar Emily M. Standen Pinning down plasticity using novel environments: Behaviour, bones and biochemistry
10 Mar Fiona Hunter Mosquitoes and the Zika virus threat in an increasingly connected world
17 Mar Helen Battle Lecture
Tom Haffie
Biology Education is not complicated; its complex.
24 Mar Cory Harris Not Just Pot: The endocannabinoid system as a target of medicinal plant bioactivity
31 Mar Iva Zovkic Histone variants: Novel epigenetic regulators of learning and memory
7 Apr CANCELLED Douglas Luckie Student content knowledge in biology and longitudinal performance in STEM courses increase in response to higher-level oral assessments

There are times when notable speakers visit the department who are not part of the weekly series. These seminars have no set time or venue, but they too explore a wide range of topics in biology. All are welcome to attend!

Special Seminar Schedule

20 Jan Simon Dalby The Anthropocene Thesis 11:00 am Arts & Humanities Building 1B04
20 Mar Maksymilian Chruszcz Mitey Problems - Mighty Solutions: Structural Characterization of Mite Proteins 12:30 pm BGS 2084
28 Mar Owen Atkin Thermal biology of plant metabolism: global patterns, both now and in a future, warmer world 10:30 am BGS 2084
11 Apr Nicholas Teets Stress biology of insects: Genetic mechanisms and practical applications 3:30 pm BGS 0153
12 May Tod Ramsfield Forest pathogens – it’s not just trees that will respond to a changing climate 12:30 pm BGS 0153