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2015 Biology News and Events

Biology 4999 students

March 2015
Congratulations to our Biology 4999 Students
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Charlie Trick

March 2015
Charles Trick wins Award For Excellence in Teaching
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Biodiverity Gallery Opening

March 2015
Biodiversity Gallery Grand Opening. Rare Dangered and Extinct
Thursday March 12, 5pm at Jane's Courtyard, MSA ground floor

Jeremy McNeil Lecture

March 2015
BUGS: Helen Battle Lecture
Dr. Jeremy McNeil: Are Humans Really Smarter Than Insects
March 05 at 6pm in Physics and Astronomy148

Laura Ferguson January 2015
Congratulations Laura Ferguson (Sinclair Lab)
For winning Best Student Presentation for the Division of Ecoimmunlogy and Disease Ecology at the annual meeting for the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
Ben Rubin

January 2015
Dr. Ben Rubin
Measuring Life and Loving it
By Aniruddho Chokroborty Hoque
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Robert Cumming

January 2015
Cancer cells may hold secret to combating Alzheimer’s disease
Western Biology professor Robert Cumming’s research explores the metabolic processes of cancer cells, which may offer insight on these ‘sugar-crazy’ brain cells and their protective effect against Alzheimer’s disease.
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Jeremy McNeil

January 2015
Congratulations Jeremy!
Jeremy McNeil Named to Order of Canada
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Anne Simon

January 2015
Avoiding stressed individuals!
The Simon lab developped a straightforward and powerful
behaviour assay to study social interactions in Drosophila melanogaster.
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Brent Sinclair talk

January 2015
Nature in The City 2015
A six-part series of illustrated talks on nature within the City of London.
This years series features Biology Department's Brent Sinclair, Brock Fenton and Greg Thorn
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