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Friday Philosophicals

A weekly seminar series run by the Ecology & Evolution group, allowing graduate students and others to present their research in a collegial environment. All talks are 20 minutes in length, followed by 5-10 minutes of questions, answers and open discussion from the floor. Typically, two speakers will present on a given day. The Friday Philosophicals is an excellent opportunity to learn the rough and tumble of giving scientific talks, gain feedback from faculty and peers – give feedback to your fellow presenters – and, above all, learn about the unity and diversity of life.

Friday Philosophicals run every Friday in Biological & Geological Sciences 0165 in the fall semester and in Middlesex College 105B in the winter semester. Seminars are at 3:30pm.

For incoming students, the Friday Phils provides an excellent forum to present your proposed research in the form of hypotheses, experimental design and intended use of field, lab or analytical techniques. For outgoing students, the forum is ideal for summarizing your key findings and explaining their broader significance.

Attendance is required of graduate students in the E&E stream, and guests are welcome, including visitors to the department and aspiring undergraduates. The seminar series represents Part 2 (Communication) of BIO 9100y/9150y. Although occasional absences are expected, consistent absence is considered poor form and may result in a grade of ‘Unsatisfactory’ with implications for funding eligibility. Should you go? Yes! Your fellow grad students will appreciate your support – as you will theirs. Besides, it's just fun!

2015-2016 Organizer

André Lachance (lachance@uwo.ca)