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    Canadian Network for Aquatic Ecosystem Services: 2014 Annual Meeting

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    Field Site: Turkey Lakes, Ontario

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    Research Technique: Remote Sensing

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May 2014 - Irena has been named the Director of Western's Africa Institute and is looking forward to supporting all the great work that gets done at Western [Western News].

April 2014 - Irena and the students are off to the CNAES Annual General Meeting in Montreal.

March 2014 - The CNAES is looking for a PhD student or PDF for a project using scenario analysis and modeling to investigate the effects of management on aquatic ecosystem services. For more info, go to the Future Students page.

March 2014 - The NSERC CREATE grant investigating harmful algal blooms led by Irena was successful! Congratulations Irena! There'll be lots about this in the near future, but anyone interested in pursuing MSc, PhD and PDF projects investigating harmful algae blooms should contact Irena.

February 2014 - Eric and Irena presented at the Great Lakes Wetland Day in Toronto. It was an interesting day with lots information about the state of wetlands in Canada.

December 2013 - Ryan defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations Ryan and good luck in Australia!

December 2013 - Irena, Eric and Jackie just got back from the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Check out their presentations below in the "Recent Presentations" section.

December 2013 - The Environmental Reviews paper investigating aquatic ecosystems in the boreal zone led by Dave Kreutzweiser from the Canada Forest Service and co-authored by Irena has just been published [PDF]. 

November 2013 - Irena just gave a talk at the University of Saskatchewan Global Institute for Water Security's Breakthroughs in Water Security Research Distinguished Lecture Series. You can watch the one-hour lecture on Youtube [link].

October 2013 - Irena was awarded a Knowledge Application grant by the Canada Water Network [details here]. This grant will be used to implement the recommendations from the Great Lakes Futures Project.

September 2013 - The new Alberta Wetland Policy has been released. We have been contributing to this for years by developing science-based indicators of wetland health and will continue working with the implementation of the policy.

September 2013 - Irena has been awarded a Faculty of Science Distinguished Research Professorship for 2013-14 [Western News]. Congratulations Irena!

August 2013 - Lily defended her MSc thesis. Congratulations Lily and good luck at dental school!

June 2013 - The Eos article about Irena's paper on hydrologic profiling in the prairie pothole region was just published.

May 2013 - The Canadian Network for Aquatic Ecosystem Services, for which Irena is a theme co-leader, is looking for PhD students to start in 2013 and 2014. There are 10 PhD positions available to be hosted at UBC, Western, Guelph, Trent and UNB.  Projects will use GIS, remote sensing, modeling, scenario analysis, laboratory and field techniques to investigate the relationship between forests and aquatic ecosystem services. Take a look at this advertisement for more information [PDF].

April 2013 - Jackie won an Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship from NSERC. Congratulations Jackie!

April 2013 - Irena won a Western Green Award for her work on the Great Lakes Futures Project. Congratulations Irena and to Katrina, who has been contributing so much on this project.

March 2013 - Irena wrote an Op-Ed for World Water Day.

March 2013 - Irena's paper on Hydrologic Profiling has been accepted by the Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences and will be featured as in an Eos "Research Spotlight." We'll post the finished products once they're ready.

February 2013 - Irena has been awarded a Female Guest Professorship at Umea University in Sweden. She will spend up to nine months at Umea over the next three years at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences and is being hosted by her colleague Dr. Ann-Kristin Bergstrom. [Western News

February 2013 - The Canadian Network for Aquatic Ecosystem Services, for which Irena serves as a theme co-leader, has been publicly announced, including a feature in the Western News. This NSERC Strategic Network Grant brings together researchers from across the country to study the benefits of and threats to the ecosystem services provided by aquatic ecosystems. Congratulations to Irena and everyone who worked so hard to bring this together!

January 2013 - Irena is on a research sabbatical from July 2012 to June 2013 and is out of the country from January to June 2013.

December 2012 - Sami defended his PhD thesis.  Congratulations Sami and good luck in Saskatchewan!

December 2012 - Katrina won First Prize at Western's Postdoctoral 3 Minute Research Presentation Competition. Congratulations Katrina!

December 2012 - Irena gave two invited talks at the Fall AGU meeting in San Francisco. [PDF], [PDF]

October 2012 - The Great Lakes Futures Project has been receiving quite a bit of press lately (WesternHamilton CBCAssociated PressScience Daily and more). Katrina has become quite the media darling!  

July 2012 - Irena's Canada Research Chair in Watershed Sciences was renewed. Congratulations Irena!

July 2012 - Ryan gave a talk at ASLO in Japan. [PDF]

January 2012 - Our work on the Ecosystem Services Pilot Program was nominated for the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Alberta Sustainable Resource Development Corporate Award. Thanks to Dave Aldred and Adam Spargo for all the hard work that led to this honour!


Our research characterizes watershed processes through innovative techniques in GIS, remote sensing and modelling. We conduct science that tracks the movement and fate of nutrients within and through watersheds, which are released to the atmosphere and aquatic systems.

We work with a global network of scientists focused on discovering watershed responses to global change and extending watershed research into more broad and integrative disciplines like ecosystem health and ecosystem services.


Please send a curriculum vitae and short description of your research experience and interests to


Sorichetti RJ, McLaughlin JT, Creed IF, Trick CG. In Press. Adaptation of a cytotoxicity assay for detection of potentially harmful compounds produced by freshwater bloom-forming algae. Harmful Algae.

Sorichetti RJ, Creed IF, Trick CG. In Press. Does iron regulate cyanobacterial growth in oligotrophic lakes? Freshwater Biology.

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Creed IF, Webster KL, Braun GL, Bourbonniere RA, Beall FD. 2013. Topographically regulated traps of dissolved organic carbon create hotspots of carbon dioxide efflux from forest soils. Biogeochemistry 112: 149-164. [PDFSelected for F1000Prime by P Groffman (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies).


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Sorichetti RJ, Creed IF, Trick CG. 2013. Dissolved organic matter influences Fe-binding ligand availability for cyanobacteria in oligotrophic Ontario lakes. Abstract EGU2013-13280 presented at 2013 European Geophysical Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, April 7-12.