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Ben Rubin, PhD

Forest ecology, landscape pathology, forest health monitoring, GIS, spatial statistics

Ben Rubin Position:
Assistant Professor
Biological & Geological Sciences 3072
(519) 661-2111 x 87475
519 661-3135

My areas of teaching interest are ecology and statistics. Currently, I teach two ecological courses. In Environmental Biology students have the opportunity to learn the current state of the science concerning several major environmental issues.  The course also focuses on scientific methods of gathering information and evidence about the relationship between humans and our environment.  My field biology course takes place in mid May at the Huntington Wildlife Forest in the central Adirondacks.  The students and I spend two weeks in the woods exploring the flora fauna and history of the region and practicing field sampling methods.

I also teach statistics courses for undergraduate (Research Hypothesis Testing) and graduate (Analytical Methods) students.  Both courses are relatively small and personal.  They offer students who have taken a basic introductory statistics course the chance to brush up on basics, extend their repertoire of statistical techniques, and practice data analysis and interpretation using R.  In addition to teaching these courses I offer statistical counseling to researchers in the Biology Department including faculty, post-docs, graduate & undergraduate students. 

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