Fifth International Symposium on the Environmental Physiology of Ectotherms and Plants
London, Ontario, Canada
August 12-16 2013

Visa Requirements for Canada
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Citizens of many countries (including many European countries, much of the Commonwealth and the Pacific, Japan and Korea) do not require a visa to visit Canada.  However, citizens of some countries that are traditionally represented at ISEPEP do require visas.  These include Czech Republic, India, Iran, Mexico, Russia, and South Africa.  You can see the complete list of countries that do and do not require visas here. If you require a temporary residence visa, you can obtain information on the process here.  The process is not as traumatic as it looks! 

We strongly recommend that individuals visit the website of the Canadian Visa office they will be applying to, as there might be additional documents that specific office requires (a list of those offices is here).

If you have registered and/or submitted an abstract and require a letter of invitation, please email Brent Sinclair.