Welcome to The Functional Proteomics Facility

The Functional Proteomics Facility is equipped with instrumentation for the fractionation of complex biological mixtures as well as instrumentation for the subsequent analysis and processing of these samples in preparation for analysis by mass spectrometry.

Instrumentation housed within this facility includes an AKTA Purifier FPLC system, IPG-Phor and Protean Plus Dodeca Cell for 2D electrophoresis, ProExpress Imaging System with Progenesis 2D analysis software, Ettan Spot-Picker for robotic excision of protein spots from gels, MASSPrep for automated proteolytic digestion of proteins and subsequent peptide extraction, and LC-MALDIPrep that includes a capillary HPLC integrated with a MALDI spotter.



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The Functional Proteomics Facility is supported by Infrastructure Operating Funds from The Canada Foundation for Innovation, The Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University, and by our user fees.

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