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In University College, A/V Carts are available for Registrar time-tabled courses in GU classrooms that do not have permanently-installed audio-visual equipment. A typical A/V Cart is equipped with a data projector, a computer, a laptop connection, DVD and VCR playback capabilities. A/V Carts are booked through Faculty of Arts & Humanities Technical Services (see "Booking Procedures").

Lending Conditions:

AV Carts must be booked by email 2 business days in advance.
Instructors are responsible for picking up and returning carts to UC 185 (UC 185 is located in the English department corridor around the corner from the language lab).
Carts must be returned to UC 185 no later than 15 minutes after your scheduled time.
A/V Carts are available for Registrar time-tabled courses. Please limit your bookings of A/V equipment to fulfill known, planned use for each class.


Booking Procedures:

Before booking an A/V Cart, please refer to the University College Classroom List to confirm whether or not you will need one.
To book a cart, email with dates, times, and the classroom location.
You will receive an email response confirming your booking. You will be assigned an A/V Cart and an access code for room UC 185.
The code for UC 185 will be changed periodically. If you have an on-going booking, you will be notified by email when this happens.


Technical Issues:

If you encounter any technical issues with the AV Carts, please contact:
Classroom Management Group (CMG) at, or ext. 82222.