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Departmental - Smart Classrooms


Each Department in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities has technologically equiped 'smart classrooms' that can be booked through the respected department. Each room is equipped with a computer, DVD,VCR, BluRay player and video projector. Technical Services offers technical support for all of the following smart classrooms:

Department of Classical Studies: LwH 3220
Department of English: UC 274, 282 ,377
Department of Film Studies: UC 12, 84
Department of French Studies: UC 138, 317
Department of Modern Languages and Literature: UC 205, 207, 288
Department of Philosophy: StvH 1140, 1145
Department of Visual Arts: VA 135, 148, 230, 247, 249, 302
Office of the Dean: UC 224A
NBCUniversal Screening Room  UC 85

Note: Click on the room above for more details and downloadable instruction sheets.


To access the equipment in this room you will need an Arts and Humanities AV Key.
The key (399A) for accessing the equipment can be acquired from Technical Services UC 32 or UC187A.