Faculty of Arts and Humanities

First-Year Students

Welcome First Year Arts & Humanities Students!

Choosing your first university courses can be an overwhelming task! Here is an overview of all the first-year offerings from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. To learn more about our specific departments, visit each of their websites listed under the PROGRAMS tab. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to visit our Academic Counsellors and they can help you plan your academic path.

Sample First-Year Course Outlines:

Classical Studies

English and Writing Studies

Film Studies

French Studies


  • Anthropology 1027A/B (Introduction to Linguistics) 
  • Linguistics 1028B (Linguistics: Applications and Extensions)

Modern Languages and Literatures


Visual Arts

Women's Studies and Feminist Research

  • Women's Studies 1020E: Introduction to Women's Studies
  • Women's Studies 1020F: Introduction to Sexuality Studies
  • Women's Studies 1020G: Gender, Justice and Change

Mini-Lectures: enjoy 20-minute samplings of courses from various A&H disciplines

"The Art of Gossip" by Mark McDayter, English & Writing Studies (left)
"The Spartans in Films and Comic Books" by Kyle Gervais, Classical Studies (centre)
"Science and Values" by Kathleen Okruhlik, Philosophy (right)


View other mini-lectures from our Arts Days Playlist on YouTube