Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Spotlight Insights: Alumni Reflect on Life and Careers

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What are your fondest memories of your undergraduate career at Western? Time spent with friends? Clubs and extracurricular activities? A professor who inspired you?

Would you be willing to share your story with our students?

This year, the Arts and Humanities Students’ Council (AHSC) wants to connect Arts and Humanities alumni with current undergraduate students.

Who? We are looking for alumni who are willing to be interviewed by current Arts and Humanities students.

What? Alumni will be interviewed by students, requiring a 1-2 hour commitment.

When? Interviews will begin mid October 2016

Where? The choice is yours! Email? Phone? Skype? In person?

Why? Share your story to help students so that they can be equipped with resume-building tools and network with current students as they plan a future in the Arts and Humanities.

How? Fill out the brief survey below to become a volunteer! 

Questions? Concerns? Contact the AHSC’s Alumni Relations Commissioner, Erica Molinaro, at emolina3@uwo.ca.

Thank you to our Arts and Humanities Alumni!