Spotlight: 2017-18 Alumni Interview Project


Looking back on your time at Western, what do you remember most? If you could go back and share one thing with your undergraduate self, what would it be?

You have a Western story—now, would you be willing to share it?

Now in its second year the interview program currently holds a 90% participant satisfaction rate and continues to reinforce the sense of community for which Western is known.  The Arts and Humanities Student Council (AHSC) would love to expand the program to pair even more Arts and Humanities alumni with undergraduate students.


Arts and Humanities alumni can participate.


Alumni will be interviewed by students. There is a one to two-hour time commitment.


Alumni can share their stories and build relationships with the Western student community. For students, the program is an opportunity to develop skills and gain career insights.


Your choice: email, phone, Skype/video conference, or in person.


Interviews begin mid-October and continue throughout the year.

Be Interviewed!

Fill out this form to submit your name to take part in this project 


Contact the AHSC's Alumni Relations Commissioner, Nicholas Rego, at 


  • Share your story and build relationships with the Western student community.
  • With your help, students will develop skills and gain career insights