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2017-18 First Term (Fall) Courses

2017-18 Course Outlines - Coming Soon!

NOTE: The following course descriptions are for ease of student use and the official course descriptions including any and all requisites are found in the academic calendar.

Applied Mathematics Courses

pdf icon AM 1411A - Linear Algebra for Engineers

pdf icon AM 2270A – Applied Mathematics for Engineering II

pdf icon AM 2402A - Ordinary Differential Equations

pdf icon AM 3413A - Applied Mathematics for Mechanical Engineers

pdf icon AM 3415A - Applied Mathematics for Electrical Engineering II

pdf icon AM 3611F - Introduction to Object Oriented Scientific Programming

pdf icon AM 3615A - Mathematical Biology

pdf icon AM 3811A - Complex Variables with Applications

pdf icon AM 3815A - Partial Differential Equations I

pdf icon AM 4999Z - Project

Calculus Courses

pdf icon 1000A - Calculus I