RESEARCH in CELL BIOLOGY, NEUROBIOLOGY, NEUROSCIENCE, CANCER, CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE picture Multidisciplinary research is carried out in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology focusing on whole animal systems and on cellular mechanisms. The Department has a rich history of research in neuroscience, stroke, cancer, developmental and vascular biology and in more recent years in cell signaling, cell-cell interactions, organelle biogenesis, aging, functional MRI and behavioral and integrative-level neuroscience. Recent funding successes have resulted in the Department acquiring instrumentation for state-of-the-art live cell imaging, extensive cell and molecular biology, and neurobehavioral testing. Departmental members, staff and trainees are housed in comfortable and spacious newly renovated laboratories and offices. Departmental research is focused in cell biology and neuroscience, with specific research themes in each area:

Cell Biology Research:

1) Cell-Cell Communication and Cell Signaling
2) Cell Biology of Cancer, Cell Differentiation and Aging
3) Vascular Biology

Neuroscience Research:

1) Neurobiology of Reward, Emotion and Motivation
2) Neuroendocrinology
3) Learning, Memory, and Cognitive Neuroscience

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