Master's of Clinical Anatomy Supervisory Committee Forms


Student's Responsibility - The student is responsible for scheduling the supervisory committee meetings and ensuring they are completed on time as per the guidelines. Supervisory committee reports are required for all supervisory committee meetings. They provide members of the committee with an update of the student and a starting point for discussion during the meeting. Committee reports also help the student focus their thoughts/research and present the project in a clear and concise manner. Supervisory reports should be prepared by the student with feedback from the supervisor. The completed report should be provided to the supervisor 7 business days prior to the meeting for comment. The report must be provided to members of the supervisory committee 5 business days prior to the meeting. Committee members must be provided with either a paper copy or a single PDF file containing the completed report. For complete details regarding Project Proposals and Research Reports, refer to the ACB Graduate Student Handbook.

The student is also responsible for bringing the Supervisory Committee Meeting Form with page one completed to every meeting. Following completion of the meeting, the student is responsible for providing copies of the completed and signed meeting forms to all members of the supervisory committee. The original form, must be submitted to the Graduate Program Assistant in the ACB departmental office (MSB443) along with an electronic copy of the Research Proposal/Progress Report. A Supervisory Committee Meeting Form must be completed for all meetings except for the new student meeting in September and for the project presentation at which time the completed project is presented and defended.

The Project Proposal Form is required for the 2nd meeting.

The Progress Meeting Form is required for the 3rd and subsequent meetings.

The Final Report Form is required for the final meeting.