Graduate Course 9605

Comprehensive Cell Biology

Course Director:

Dr. Alison Allan


Course Description:

This course requires that the student prepare a complete Canadian Institutes of Health Research Operating Grant Application on a topic in his/her general area of research interest. This is normally done under the supervision of at least one faculty member in the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology. The proposed research must not be in progress in the candidate's supervisor's and/or co-supervisors' laboratory(ies). A brief abstract of the Proposal must be presented to the student's Advisory Committee and the Graduate Affairs Committee for approval. Following submission and acceptance of this Grant Proposal, an oral presentation and examination will be conducted to evaluate the student's state of knowledge in areas relevant to the research proposed in the application as well as relevant areas of Anatomy and Cell Biology.


The Examination Committee will be composed of three examiners chosen by the Graduate Affairs Committee, and a chairperson who is a member of the Graduate Affairs Committee. Normally, the faculty member supervising the Proposal will not be an examiner. The chairperson will be responsible for chairing the oral examination. The CIHR Grant Proposal will define the scope of the examination.

The examination format will be as follows:

The student will submit the completed Grant Proposal to the chairperson of the Examination Committee, who in turn will then distribute it to the three examiners who will be responsible for determining the topics to be examined. The student will be informed of the topics in writing at least four weeks prior to the examination. The student will be expected to have appropriate background knowledge and familiarity with modern concepts and research methods in the field of the Grant Proposal. The examination will consist of three sections, one section from each examiner. Each examiner will grade his/her own section. The evaluation will be pass/fail. If the student fails the examination, he/she must retake the examination within 45 days. The student will be permitted two attempts to pass this course and if unsuccessful, he/she will be required to withdraw from the program.