Graduate Course 9580


Course Director:

Dr. Marjorie Johnson

Course Description:

A limited independent research project in clinical anatomy, radiology, basic science, or instructional technology (software development). The project in clinical anatomy, radiology or basic science will require a scientific report in a journal manuscript format. If a student decides to do a project in information technology, he/she will develop a computer based teaching program in clinical anatomy.



Supervisory Committees

Each graduate student has a Supervisory Committee consisting of the research supervisor, one faculty member, the designated Graduate Affairs member and the Director of Clinical Anatomy. This committee meets with the student on a regular basis according to the following milestones:

  • 1st meeting should be held by the end of May (beginning of 3rd term) of the 1st year.
  • Additional meetings should be scheduled as required.

This Supervisory Committee Meeting Form is required for each meeting

The function of the first Supervisory Committee meeting is to define the research to be undertaken. At each meeting the committee advises the student on such matters as the progress of research and the preparation of the thesis. A complete report from the Supervisory Committee is submitted to the Graduate Affairs Committee after each supervisory committee meeting.