Graduate Course (ACB9566/9666)

Clinical Anatomy Professionalism Seminar (ACB 9566/9666)
September 2013-December 2013, HSA 410, most Tuesdays 10:00-12:00
January 2014, HSA 410 most Tuesdays 9:00-11:00
February 2014-April 2014, ACB 447 most Tuesdays 9:00-11:00

Course Director:

Dr. Tim Wilson PhD

Course Objectives:

A) To provide a forum for discussion, expansion, and sharing of current research topics, skills, and professional development interests for Clinical Anatomy and interrelated disciplines.

B) To provide an opportunity for individuals to practice these skills while expanding their command of the literature.

C) To enable individuals to build a dossier of tangible skills, experiences, and milestones in preparation for their next step in education, employment, and life.


The Course has two components: substance and skills

A) Skills introduced and/or honed occur mostly in the Fall term:
o Various components of becoming a young professional will be introduced.
o These will involve using the teaching techniques and tools introduced in ACB 9565, speakers on various topics, and informative activities that provide participants the ability to reach a new level of skill and comfort in professional situations

B) Substance occurs mostly in the Winter term:
o  topics of interest will be identified through the scholarly literature by participants in the course and will include:
    o  anatomical education practices and techniques
    o  technical evaluations in related fields that use anatomical approaches (surgery, basic research, biomedical imaging)
    o  quantification of scholarly education research in anatomical realms
    o  national and international trends in anatomical practices and education
o  Students will learn to critically evaluate and discuss scholarly research by both leading and participating in weekly discussions
o  Students will learn to evaluate their peers critically and constructively
o  Guest speakers will highlight career trajectories relevant to an MSc in Clinical Anatomy


Student Participation and Performance:
Passing the course requires that the student participate and understand the spirit of the course. Participation at ALL SESSIONS is a required component of Professionalism, your future, and this course. Advanced notice must be given if you cannot attend. Illness is understandable but be aware that medical documentation may be requested in certain cases. Only under exceptional circumstances can a student miss more than two sessions in any given term.

Peer evaluations are provided via Feedback Forms provided to each student. Attending faculty members may also provide evaluations.

Schulich Workshops

o Register for at least two Schulich sessions (they fill up).
o Be sure to let your professors know if it conflicts with other class schedules
o follow instructions at
o You can register for any events online:

Career Portfolio:
Please look at the materials provided through a plethora of sources online and/or the guide here in OWL.

Criteria for evaluation:
15% - attendance at 2 Schulich Workshops (see above) (1 page report on skills attained + copy of
certificate in your career portfolio) submitted as part of career portfolio but handed in by
15% - Journal Club - Leading Discussions utilizing skills, techniques, and experimenting with your
presentation style and/or leading discussions
20% - Attendance, Feedback and Participation in discussions
40% - Career Portfolio Development (teaching dossier from ACB 9565 is an unmarked but
required component)

Course Schedule:
see our Owl page for details of upcoming class locales and themes:

Final Thought:
Please don’t think of this as a stand alone course. Rather consider it to be a practice point
for the integration skills, tools, and ideas you are experimenting with in all parts of your academic
and professional life. In order to be successful here you’ll need cooperation; effort; forward
planning; yes, for sure some perspiration; open mindedness; some passion would be nice; and
maybe a pen.

Graduate school is a place to reinvent the aspects of your being that you want to change
and reinforce the parts you think you want to keep. In all cases, you are in control of your success
and failure.

Have fun!