Graduate Course 9550/9650

Advanced Topics in Integrative Neuroscience
ANATCELL 9550/9650

Fall-Winter 2013/2014

(1.0 credit)

Course Managers:

Dr. Arthur Brown

Course Objectives:

The objectives of this advanced graduate level neuroscience course are:

To provide discussion of the types of experimental models and data analyses used in neuroscience research.

To teach students research skills on how to review, criticize, write, discuss and present experimental results.


Instructors will select recent papers and review articles to be read for each of the topic areas.

Time & Location:

3 hours per week for two terms: Tuesdays 1:30 - 4:30


RRI 3rd floor conference room


25% of the final grade will be based on oral presentations of recently published papers in one of the areas covered by the course. (Students will select the papers and submit it to the course manager for approval.)

25% of the final grade will be based on a written critique of one recently published paper in a selected topic of neuroscience. The paper will be provided by the course manager.

25% of the final grade will be based on a written grant proposal (NSERC discovery grant-style).

25% of the final grade will be based on participation and critical discussion of the selected material in class. At the beginning of each lecture, students will submit a written comment on the provided research paper.


Minimum 4, Maximum 20


General introduction to neuroscience.

Course Lecture Schedule:

Overview of General Topics:
Nervous system injury
Learning and memory
Cognitive Neuroscience
Behavioral Neuroscience

Classes held Tuesdays 1:30 - 4:30 RRI 3rd floor conference room

Fall term:
September 17:            Meet and Greet; Introduction                        

September 24:            Techniques and the Nervous System
                                    Arthur Brown

Neurodevelopment/Neuroplasticity and Regeneration

October 1:                 Neurodevelopment
                                  Arthur Brown

October 8:                 Neural Stem Cells
                                  Arthur Brown

October 15:               Plasticity and Epillepsy
                                  Mike Poulter

Disorders of neuroplasticity

October 22:                Neuroplasticity                              
                                   Steve Lomber

October 29:                Spinal cord injury
                                   Arthur Brown

November 5:               Reward and Addiction I
                                   Steve Laviolette

November 12:             SFN                 
November 19:             Schizophrenia and Depression
                                   Raj Rajakumar

November 26:             Cellular Mechanisms 1
                                   Walter Rushlow 

December 3:               Cellular Mechanisms 2
                                   Walter Rushlow 

December 10:             No class – prepare critique

December 20:             Written critique due

Winter Term:
January 7:                  Critique discussion (Brown)

January 14:                Imaging neuropathology in-vivo      
                                   Ravi Menon

 January 21:               Learning and Memory 1
                                   Susanne Schmid

January 31:                Learning and Memory 2
                                   Susanne Schmid

February 4:                 Learning and Memory LTP
                                    Stan Leung

Behavioural Neuroscience

February 11:               Cognitive Neurosci 1            
                                    Derek Mitchell
February 18:               Cognitive Neurosci 2                          
                                    Derek Mitchell

February 25:               Brian Corneil                         

March 4:                      Behavioural Neuroscience                  
                                    David Sherry

March 11:                    Abstract & Poster Writing
                                    Arthur Brown

March 18:                   Clinical studies    
                                   Elizabeth Osuch 

March 25:                   Diseases of synaptic transmission    
                                   Marco Prado 
April 1:                       Grant writing 1                      
                                  Arthur Brown

April 22:                     Deadline grant proposal