Western Web Policies

The Senate Subcommittee on Information Technology (SUIT) is responsible for issues relating to the acceptable use of the web and official websites.

The Western Home Page

Policy for the appearance and functionality of the Western Home Page is located at http://www.uwo.ca/univsec/mapp/section1/mapp127.pdf.

Policy on Official World Wide Web Sites

The Offical Western Web Site Agreement must be signed and submitted by all departments and units that have official Western Web sites.

Policy for Advertising and Commercial Activities

This policy covers university facilities and all university-sponsored media, including the World Wide Web.

Western Code of Behaviour for Use of Computing Resources and Corporate Data

Materials and services made available via the Western Web Server (www.uwo.ca) must also meet the content policies defined by this code. When you first activate your Western Personal Computer Account at http://www.uwo.ca/its/accounting/ITS-AUP.html you provide an electronic signature to abide by the Code.

Recommendations for Web Site Development and Maintenance
Government of Canada Internet Guide
Common Look and Feel for the Internet


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