Central Western Web Statistics

Usage statistics and graphs for the central Web server are generated and made available via Usage Statistics from the ITS website.

The Western Web Index

As part of the Western Web service, ITS maintains an index of official departmental Web pages maintained on most of the Web servers at Western. The Western search engine visits this page first and indexes within 5 links of this page.

We use the Google server from Google for our search service. This performs very fast searches of the Western Web collection using

•    simple keyword-based queries (word stemming is automatic)

•    phrase searches (enclose in quotes ("))

•    searches based on specific fields like HTML titles, URLs or META tags

•    complex boolean queries (using a simplified "must have" (+), "must not have" (-) syntax)

The Western Web Search Index

This tool provides a fast and comprehensive keyword search facility for most web pages at The University of Western Ontario. We continuously index thousands of documents residing on more than 65 different Western Web servers.


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