Images for Your Web Page

To get started please see the document How do I... Create Graphics for the Web. ITS also offers a course in Photoshop.

Communications & Public Affairs maintains information about the use of official Western images on their Graphic Standard Guidelines website.

If you have unit-specific images (like photographs) that you want to include, just link them into your page. You will need to scan your images to convert hard-copy images to GIF or JPEG files suitable for display by most Web browsers.


  • Be aware that there are many images available on the Internet that are protected under copyright and not currently in the public-domain. You should only use such images with the permission of the copyright holder.
  • Keep in mind that some of your viewers may have inexpensive monitors and display cards that are capable of only relatively low resolution (640x480) and have only 16 colours.
    • Keep your images small for faster viewing. As a general guideline:
    • Keep fine art images under 100K bytes -- if your illustration is over 100K bytes then put it on a separate page with a small ``thumbnail'' version pointing to it. Include the size as a warning.
    • Keep title images under 50K.
  • Keep other images under 20K.
  • Try to reuse images as much as possible - they'll only be downloaded once but used many times.
  • Always use the ALT= tag in your <IMG> statements to provide an appropriate alternative for those not using graphics. Often ALT="" (i.e. show nothing) is an appropriate alternative.


Image maps can be created in Dreamweaver.  The three formats available are rectangle, circle and polygon.  More information on image maps can be found here.


Audio and Video

For instructional/academic use, assistance is provided in the Instructional Technology Resource Centre (ITRC). 

Forms Handling via E-mail

We currently recommend using a tool called cgiemail to process web forms with e-mail. It provides a simple mechanism to take a web-based form and turn it into a well formatted e-mail message. Cgiemail can handle many applications of web forms which means that custom CGI programs will not have to be written. The resulting message can be processed manually or used as input for your database. For details on how to use this tool, please see the document How do I... Process Web Forms with E-mail.

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