The Guide for Western Web Information Providers

For specific issues, please contact the Web Working Group, Information Technology Services, Western.

Being an Information Provider

To build a quality web service requires excellent content, a professional presentation, and effective coordination.

  • Content issues: accurate, timely, useful, easily updated, efficient and wide distribution
  • Presentation issues: consistent, professional look and feel, proper use of corporate logos and marks, appropriate use of graphics
  • Coordination issues: division of responsibility, avoiding duplication of coverage and effort, efficient organization and access methods to the information

As a Western Web Information Provider, keep these issues in mind as you plan and implement your part of this service.

Making information available

If you represent an official department or faculty of the University and would like to investigate the possibility of providing some information via the central web server, please read through this Guide to get a feel for what is required. If you decide to go ahead, follow the steps outlined in the Getting Started as a Western Information Provider (Overview) section of this guide.

Personal home pages are available for individual faculty, staff and students of Western. Please follow Activate My Personal Web Space for guidance on using the server.

Running your own server

If you decide to pursue the idea of setting up your own server, please e-mail the ITS Windows Server Support Team to discuss your plans. Consult the ITS Services Document section 8 for more information.

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